Basic of HTML Templates

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Defination of HTML

HTML means HyperText Markup Language, which is a word that many novices find perplexing. Examining the meaning of each term is the best approach to explain HTML.

A Pre-built website made up of HTML pages with embedded images, font style, text, and JavaScript support files is known as an HTML template. The end-user populates the Pre-built design with personal information, images, and text, which they then publish to a web hosting account for public viewing.

HyperText :

HyperText is a type of text that includes hyperlinks to other texts.

Markup :

The specific symbols or codes placed into a document to inform the web browser how to display the document contents are referred to as markup. Markup code, for example, can tell the browser to display a sentence in bold or italic type, or which sections of the page are headers and which are paragraphs. Markup code is used by a variety of languages, including HTML.

Language :

The term “language” relates to the concept of a uniform code. When writing HTML, everyone must follow specific norms, just like when speaking a conventional language. This is so that the code can be understood and interpreted by all browsers. There are several programming languages, and you may be familiar with some of the more popular ones, such as Java, Python, and Ruby.

Characteristics of HTML templates:

– Template in HTML It’s easier to make a website
– Installation is simple
– The HTML modification procedure is more versatile
– You possibly need to fill in the spaces when utilizing prebuilt HTML formats for your site
– You are not needed to code

Typically worked with HTML and CSS code, site layouts permit anybody to set up a site without employing an expert web engineer or originator, albeit, numerous designers do utilize site formats to make destinations for their customers. This permits anybody to construct a sensibly estimated individual or trade site that can at that point be recorded within the look engines so clients can explore for your particular item or benefit.

With the HTML templates, you can rapidly create a fully working static or dynamic website. Indeed on the off chance that you’re a complete amateur, you’ll keep up the same degree of polished skill. However, knowing the fundamentals of HTML & CSS is really beneficial.

Create A Basic HTML Template four main element are used which is DOCTYPE, HTML, head and body. First we start with create HTML template <!DOCTYPE html> tag.
Basic structure of HTML template is look like given below:

<!DOCTYPE html>





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