How to remove ‘Shop Powered by PrestaShop’ in footer

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If you wish to utilise Prestashop as the platform for your eCommerce website, look for a link at the bottom of the page. This will take you to Prestashop’s official website. While this isn’t the worst thing for your SEO, it might cause visitors to get dissatisfied. It can, for example, send potential consumers to the Prestashop website, where they may forget about your business.

– Navigate to the ‘Modify Translations’ option and click it.
– The choices ‘Type Of Translation’ and ‘Select Your Language’ are available in this section.


– Find the selection ‘Themes Translations’ under ‘Type Of Translations,’ and then select the theme you’re using on your eCommerce store. Then double-check that you’re using the correct language.
– Select your theme in which you wish to modify the wording after selecting Themes translations. Last but not least, choose your language.


– You may now delete the words ‘Powered By Prestashop’ by following the route of ‘Theme > Global’, and then removing the words ‘Powered By Prestashop’.


– You may also use a search engine to discover and delete this term. Before heading back, remember to save your changes.


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