Why choose prestashop platform for eCommerce Website?

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The PrestaShop framework offers a high positioning depending on a range of features on your site. Which is an open-source framework provided that clients web-based business store with a wide range of flexible and customizable modules. These advantages are the real inspirations for users to choose PrestaShop Platform as the basis for the appearance and processing of your products. for instance, business, select the well-known framework for build an online store is complicated. A number of frameworks offer free services to build your site and some frameworks are chargeable. PrestaShop allows you to manage and create your online store.

* Following features are reasons for choose PrestaShop for e-commerce store

– A Platform with Multiple Faces

PrestaShop is an actual framework for all your e-commerce website development which is satisfied your requirements. PrestaShop has cutting-edge features which promise effective performance. Include these features to the user-friendly interface you’ll give your clients. PrestaShop allows you to easily manage a multi-product and number of categories.

– User-Friendliness

PrestaShop is an attractive option based on its ease of use. The way Prestashop is really simple to use is most of the following larger features that make it user-friendly. You don’t need to dominate specialized abilities to set up the Platform. It is very easy as downloading add-ons and installing them.

– A No-Cost Alternative

PrestaShop is an open-source platform, therefore there are no hidden costs while using it. it does not charge a fee to register an account, Prestashop is best suited to satisfy the website needs of small and medium-sized online companies. There are a lot of high-quality add-ons that are available for free.

– An Effective Management Tool for Your Online Products

You may have more authority overall your online offers utilizing Prestashop. You’re in a decent situation to deal with the everyday activities of your web store. Prestashop empowers you to sort out your things under various headings, permitting on the web customers to shop without inconvenience. You can declare your offers under the headings “Discounted Products” and “Products without Shipping Cost” in Prestashop. When you use Prestashop’s Product Management module, you may accomplish this.

– With the most recent developments, it is in good shape

Prestashop gives you access to the most recent versions of add-ons. Basically, download the newly released version, and your website will ultimately match the rising expectations of online buyers. Prestashop will provide you a competitive advantage over your competitors who are spending a lot of money to build e-commerce sites that aren’t as flexible as yours.

– The Checkout Module Has the Ability to Cross Geographical Boundaries

Prestashop has a Checkout module that allows users to pay for their online orders in many currencies. Customers can select their preferred currency using a secure payment channel on the platform. Altogether, this module assists you in increasing product sales while significantly improving your conversion rate.

– Prestashop’s Popularity Can Be Measured in Numbers

Since its inception in 2007, this platform has serviced the e-commerce needs of over 250,000 active Stores in 190 countries. You’ll be astonished to learn that PrestaShop comes with over 3,500 modules and templates, in addition to more than 310 functionalities. Another factor that contributes to PrestaShop’s suitability as a platform for creating a highly adaptable online store is the idea of localization. Prestashop allows you to certainly create an e-commerce platform in over 70 different languages.

– Version 1.7 of Prestashop is now available!

The newest version makes the checkout process more-easier by allowing for customization. The latest version includes password protection as well as a simple website maintenance system.

– Mobile-friendly

PrestaShop has completely mobile-friendly features. The default template of PrestaShop is mobile-optimized services like a cart which is accessible from any device, like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. This platform’s user interface is consistent across all devices.

– Customization in Store

To design your online store, see the Prestashop instructions accessible on the Cloud. Along with the convenience of installing several themes, you can take use of the numerous modules available to extend your online store based on your preferences for usability.

– SEO-friendly

SEO is a significant critical thing for any E-Commerce store. PrestaShop makes it exceptionally simple to develop SEO-friendly URLs. If you have essential information about Look Motor Optimization, PrestaShop allows you to easily change title labels, Meta Title, Meta Depiction and other qualities related to SEO.  It helps you to keep your online store up to date along with your target group of onlookers.

– Payment Processing

PrestaShop allows you to create numerous payment gateway choices for your online business. Still Prestashop provides a Number of choices for making your website fully functioning. All websites require a payment gateway in order to be fully functional and take payments. Also, Prestashop offers a number of different payment options like Bambora, BlueSnap, Amazon Pay, PayPal.

– Security

Security is one of the most important issues for a website. But, PrestaShop provides safety for an e-commerce website by some modules. PrestaShop e-commerce development includes all the required modules to help you eliminate cyber risks so that your clients can buy with confidence on your website.

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