How to Resolve the “PR END OF FILE ERROR” in Firefox

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Technology is astounding, however it doesn’t continuously work as we might expect. Assume you are exhausting at work on the net. Suddenly, you confronted with a warning and therefore the dangerous message PR finish OF FILE ERROR. The public would fret by this.

It’s also possible that it’s due to problems with the browser itself. This page can explain what the mistake means, what might be causing it, and how to fix it.

You are given a security warning and therefore the ominous phrase PR finish OF FILE ERROR. Most users would fret by this. First, it’s vital to notice that this doesn’t indicate that there’s something wrong together with your association. It simply means the server you’re making an attempt to attach to has sent back a response containing miscalculation message. Second, you would like to grasp the way to check that the matter doesn’t happen once more. Third, it’s conjointly value checking THIS LINK for additional facilitate with alternative common errors or if this specific error wasn’t resolved by following the steps below.

There are many potential explanations for this error, but it’s typically one in all four unconnected things:

– Virtual personal Network or proxy connections.

A proxy VPN interference is one potential supply of this issue. Any program intercepting the association has the power to get this error code. If that was the case, you may address the issue by deactivating the proxy server or uninstalling the VPN application that is protecting your privacy.

– Incorrect cipher variants.

If you antecedent modified your SSL settings, you are probably encountering this drawback as a result of your browser is currently imposing many cipher variations that are not licensed by Firefox or the websites you are making an attempt to go to. To resolve this issue, use the Troubleshooting data choice to reload your Firefox browser.

– A corrupted Firefox browser profile.

As it seems, a corrupted profile can even generate this error code.
Several wedged customers were ready to resolve the matter by mercantilism their bookmarks, making a replacement profile, then importation the bookmarks from their previous profile to avoid information loss.

– Interference from a third-party security suite

It has been verified that many protective third-party suites can produce this drawback by intercepting association certificates and transmission their own. During this situation, you will avoid the matter by deactivating period protection or uninstalling the protective suite entirely.

The most effective technique to the PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR Secure association Error

1. Incapacitate Your VPN or Proxy Server, and Antivirus.


In case you are utilizing a VPN or negotiator to interface with the net, the most factor you got to do is handicap it and check whether the blunder endures. For VPN, you’ll either flip it off to check or uninstall it utterly assumptive you would like to be entirely bound. The strategy for winding down a VPN changes relying upon that program you are utilizing, however got to be just about as basic as flipping a switch within the settings.

2. Reset Firefox SSL Settings.

As documented on top of, within the event that you have adjusted Firefox’s SSL settings, this might cause the PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR. Luckily, this can be a straightforward fix. Be that because it might, notwithstanding whether you haven’t resignedly contacted the settings, we’d in any case recommend following these means that given however speedy the interaction is.

In Firefox, click the burger menu within the higher right. Within the menu, explore to assist > Troubleshooting Information:


On the subsequent screen, click Refresh Firefox on the proper half the screen underneath provide Firefox a tune up:Confirm your call and therefore the program can restart. Once it will, commit to get to the damaging website another time. Just in case it’s up to now not operating, still the subsequent tip.


3. Create a replacement Profile in Firefox.

The subsequent stage is to see if a debased Firefox profile is also inflicting the PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR. This can be not troublesome to see by simply creating another profile. Within the event that it settle the difficulty, You’ll integrate your favorites into the user profile, and it could be a good idea for you to explore.

Check the broken website page to visualize whether the blunder has fastened. If so, you’ll bring your bookmarks into the new profile. Come the marker chief or choose Import and Backup. Decide Import Bookmarks from hypertext markup language now, later on attend record you listed already. On the off likelihood which the difficulty perseveres, attend the subsequent stage.



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