How to duplicate a WordPress page or post

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You might need to review physically copy / paste your WordPress set up or website page to make a replica.Duplicating is more prominent honest than copy / paste. With truth, It is simple to replicate pages and articles in WordPress. There are a few options in WordPress for duplicating a page or setting up a new one.

In this blog, we can talk select techniques of each with and with out modules for the WordPress clone website page.

– Duplicate page or post in WordPress utilizing plugins


Modules are a safe way to duplicate a page or distribute. By the utilization of under modules, you can quick mirror pages, posts, and custom distribute sorts in WordPress:

1. Duplicate post

– The imitation distribute module is one of the greatest well known modules and is easy to utilize. This module copies each website page or distribute content material on WordPress, you might even imitation related remarks.
– likewise, It moreover gives name prefix & addition alternatives, so You can easily distinguish the exceptional and duplicate postings.

you need to follow some basic steps which are given below:

1. Download, install, and set off the plugin.
2. Navigate for your WordPress dashboard and pick Pages > To replica a web page, pick out all pages, or to copy a put up, pick all posts.
3. Go to the web page or put up you wish to copy and choose out both clone (replica the chosen put up) or sparkling draft (create a brand new put up of the replica content material and open it with inside the put up editor)

2. Duplicate page and post

– Duplicating pages and posts has not many abilities, anyway it licenses you to quickly propagation pages and posts in WordPress.
– WordPress generation posts and pages module duplicates a page or set up with out influencing its sort, content, or style.

To reproduction pages and put up greater without difficulty you simply want to comply with those steps:

1. Install and set off the plugins
2. Go to submit> all or pages> all, relying upon you need to replicate
3. Navigate the web page or submit you need to replicate after which click on at the reproduction option.
4. The replica submit or web page will seem as a brand new draft.
5. Open the replica to edit the content.

3. Duplicate web page

– When evaluating to different reproduction plugins, this one has some extra capabilities.
– The reproduction web page plugin will now no longer most effective clone articles or pages, however it’ll additionally shop the replica as drafts relying on whether or not You must direct them to either public or private areas.

To use a duplicate page plugin, you need to follow these steps:

1. Install and set off the plugin.
2. To locate the content material you need to replicate then click on Pages > All or Posts > All
3. Click at the Duplicate This option.

4. Post duplicator

Post duplicator is simple and rapid to apply the plugin. This plugin creates an actual reproduction of any submit or web page in WordPress with out a whole lot hassle.

To replica a web page or submit with this plugin, observe those easy steps:

1. Install the plugin and prompt it.
2. go to Posts > All or Pages > All to find the substance material you need to clone.
3. Float over the submit or page.
4. Click at the Duplicate Page or Post.

Duplicate page or post in WordPress without plugins


– Without the use of plugins, you may replicate pages or posts in WordPress. This can be accomplished in two ways:

1. Duplicate web page or publish through functions.php personal home page code

– One of the simple and essential techniques Edit the resulting code on your functions.personal landing page reports to make a WordPress clone page or distribute.
– To permit distribute duplication, you should initially get admission to and extrade your functions.personal landing page reports through FTP.
– Second, you should transfer the resulting code on the stop of the report.
– Finally, keep your report and add it in your worker.

2. Manually Copy & Paste Code to Duplicate a Page

– When you don’t want to extrade your functions.php file, the simplest solution is to manually generate and paste code for the website page you want to duplicate.

You want to comply with easy steps for this method:

1. visit the net page or place up you want to replica.
2. choose the code editor from the Tools & choices menu.
3. Copy the code when that decide New Post or Page.
4. Open the Code Editor with within the new place up or online page.
5. Paste the code into the sphere and decide Visual Editor.
6. The new online page or place up got to currently be a carbon replica of the preceding one.

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