How to Fix the HTTP Error on WordPress website

by Theme4rest

* What cause the HTTP error occur?

– WordPress has a media library work that permits you to effortlessly get to the entirety of your motion pictures and photographs. This library has its own arrangement of settings and rules.

– If your picture or video does not satisfy these requirements, you will receive the WordPress Uploading HTTP error.

– It appears easy enough, but unfortunately, the WordPress HTTP error might be ambiguous, making it difficult to determine the source of the issue.

– The extremely ambiguous “HTTP ERROR” really doesn’t help you choose what is most likely mistaken or perhaps in which to start looking. Be that as it may, this is because of the reality there will be a few explanations behind the disappointment and WordPress genuinely doesn’t understand why, so it lets out a continuous blunder message.

– we describe the some steps which are useful for fix the HTTP error.

1. Refresh the Page & clear cache your browser

– WordPress HTTP errors are habitually set off by a transitory error.

– Clearing any reserved information in your program and on your site might help with settling the issue.

– You might achieve this by going to the Settings menu in your program. Go to Clear History from this menu. Verify that you pick clean reserve and treats.

– Reload your page and try again to upload images to WordPress.

2. Use a Different Web Browser

– many times, HTTP error occur due to the browser setting. Open this webpage in a different browser to see the error-free page.

3. Resize the File

– Sometimes the uploading image size is too large for the WordPress site, resulting in the HTTP error.

– To address the HTTP error, optimize the image size or reduce the uploading media size.

– There are several image optimization plugin accessible online that can be used to minimize the size of a image or a media file.

4. Deactivate Plugins

– if the HTTP error is generate after installing a plugin, then deactivate this plugin.

– An image optimization plugin is the most typical cause of the HTTP problem. If you have previously installed an image optimization plugin, temporarily disable it before uploading the image.

– If the HTTP error removed then, try some another plugin for image optimization.

5. Increase PHP Memory Limit

– A shortage of memory is a typical reason of the HTTP error in WordPress. This can also cause a variety of other problems, such as the 503 service unavailable message. To solve limited memory, put the following code to your wp-config.php file:


– The code above raises the PHP memory limit to 256MB. Before you add it, check PHP data to see what the maximum available RAM limit on your server is.

6. check PHP Version

– WordPress website requires higher or a latest PHP version to run easily or fast. lower PHP version is also reason for a HTTP error.

– Some hosts utilize an older version of PHP, which prevents you from uploading image to WordPress.

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