How to Hide a Page From Google in WordPress: The Step by Step Guide

by Theme4rest

There are three methods for hiding a WordPress page from Google. You may edit the robots.txt file in your hosting provider’s control panel. This approach is recommended for more experienced users because making a mistake in this file might have a negative impact on your site’s SEO. In addition, users with little coding experience may utilize the Yoast SEO plugin to tell Google not to index particular pages on their site. Finally, use Password Protect in WordPress.

1. How to Hide a WordPress Page From Google!

Follow these steps: Access your WordPress admin panel Go to “Control Panel” Type “” Click on “Advanced” tab Scroll down to “General” tab Scroll to “Manage Plugins” Find the plugin “Password Protected” and click on “install” Close the “Manage Plugins” window. If you’re experiencing trouble, see our article on how to install and utilize the Yoast SEO plugin to prevent Google from indexing specific portions of your site. To prevent users from typing your URL in the search bar, set your login form as hidden. How to Hiding a WordPress Page From Google Using J s This is a useful small plugin that allows you to totally conceal your WordPress sites from Google and other search engines. It’s simple to set up and works with all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

2. Robots.txt

The robots.txt file is usually found at the root of your website. And it’s the most important file in your website. It contains all the sensitive information like URLs, for instance, URL paths and directories, SSL certificates, OpenUrl’s etc. So, any website owner who want to prevent Google from crawling its website (and indexing it) needs to ensure that he or she has created a robots.txt file. But how to update robots.txt file? It’s quite easy. Simply copy and paste it to a text editor. Change the location from where the files will be downloaded (e.g. /wp-content/plugins/ or /wp-content/includes/) to the URL path that you want to hide a specific page from Google. For example: $ rm /wp-content/plugins/wordpress-cookies.php/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-cookie-cleaner.

3.Yoast SEO plugin!

If you’re serious about having your page rank well in search engines, you need to make sure your page is invisible from the big boys. Yoast SEO plugin allows users to change search engines to display a low-ranking page. You need to copy and paste the following code into the WordPress search bar and save it as /wp-config.php [HTML] define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘wpspider’, function($db){ $db[‘SearchEngine’] = array( ‘search_type’ => ‘bot’, ‘search_text’ => ‘Welcome to WordPress’ ); $db[‘SavePage’] = ‘This is a web page that displays information about how the users’ site looks like to a search engine. It is visible to search engines only. To modify search engines to not index this page, press the ‘SavePage’ button.

4. Password Protect in WordPress.

To make WordPress invisible to Google, use the Password Secure WordPress plugin. This plugin will add a password to the comments on any WordPress page you choose. However, this is a highly expensive way to hide a WordPress page from Google. Furthermore, this method is not always a safe technique to hide a WordPress page. In other words, it will grant Google unrestricted access to the information secured by the Password Protect WordPress plugin. Here’s another example of how to use Password Secure in WordPress to hide a WordPress page.
Sign in to your WordPress dashboard. In the right sidebar’s menu, select Settings. Click Password Protection in the General section on the left-hand side of the menu. Click the button Enable Password Protection.

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