How to Remove Page and Post Titles in WordPress

by Theme4rest

You’ve just completed creating a webpage or writing an article in WordPress and are about to preview it when you see that the page title is entirely out of position and is destroying your design.

You may have encountered the following scenario as a WordPress site owner: you’re able to publish a webpage or post, but still the title doesn’t exactly suit with your Wordpress website or style.

However, there is no straightforward method to block a title from being shown in WordPress.There’s no simple method to adjust it, and the appearance is entirely reliant on your theme. What can you do if it’s too big and obtrusive? This is why it’s critical to learn how to conceal page names in WordPress.

* In WordPress, there are some different ways to remove the page title

A title isn’t required for every page on your website. While a title is required for blog entries, it is not necessarily appropriate for other pages. What works for a blog may not necessarily work for the rest of the website.

Almost all of the time, you would not like to remove the title altogether – maybe it’s just the positioning or theme design that bothers you. It’s possible to hide page title and replace it with an H1 heading if it’s in an odd position or doesn’t match with your design.

Having a “Home Page” title shown on the page appears unprofessional and unnecessary if you opt to utilize a static page for your site’s homepage rather than presenting your blog articles.

As we said in the introduction, certain themes are designed so that the title shows in the banner or as part of your breadcrumbs. It will be unnecessary to show the title a second time throughout the content.

1. Hide All Page Titles & Blog Titles in wordpress

– using, little CSS trick we can remove page title. It only takes one line of code for the remove titles.
– open admin panel of Wordpress and click on Appearance =>> Customize and find the additional CSS option. and give the below css:

.entry-title { display: none; }

2. Hide a Specific Page Title & Blog Titles

– open admin panel of Wordpress ad Go to Pages =>> All Pages.
– Place your cursor on the page you want, then Edit Do not click on it.
– You will find the page ID in the URL at the bottom of your page.
– getting after the id you can edit css same as above with id of page. and give the below css:

.page-id-n .entry-title { display: none; }

– after add this css click on Publish button of the page.
– if it also not work then after edit the css and add ‘important’ on your css:

.page-id-n .entry-title { display:none !important; }



* How to Remove Page or blog Titles Using Third-Party Tools

1. Remove Page Titles Using a Page Builder

– open your WordPress admin-panel and click Pages =>> All Pages.
– Place your cursor over any page where you want to hide the title, then select Edit with Elementor.
– Click the Settings icon at the lower left corner.
– Click the Hide Title button to Yes.

2. Remove Page and Post Titles Using a Plugin

– Click Pages =>> All Pages and click Edit next to the title of the page you wish to remove.
– Scroll to the Hide Page and Post Title section and display the title after pressing the Settings button.
– To hide the page heading, select the checkbox and press Update.

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